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North Warwickshire’s Member of Parliament Dan Byles has given his views on last week’s HS2 announcements. The local MP has been fighting against the scheme for many years and works closely with local Stop-HS2 community groups. North Warwickshire is one of the worst affected areas by High Speed Rail outside of London.



Dan described the recent Property and Compensation consultation as ‘very important’ to residents in his constituency. The consultation outlined a number of key points including:

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16th April 2014

This is always a busy job, but things somehow seem particularly busy and varied at the moment. Last week was no exception, with some important but unrelated issues all coming together. 


We saw the long awaited results of the High Speed Rail (HS2) Property and Compensation consultation. While Bedworth isn't directly affected by HS2, the rest of the constituency is very badly affected - the worst outside London. The results were a mixed bag. We had very good news for the villagers of Gilson and other safeguarded areas. Homeowners can now submit blight notices asking the Government to buy their property at 10% above the market rate, and these will be accepted without challenge. I also welcome the principle of the compensation scheme that will see cash payments made to people whose houses are close to the new railway line, but I think the payments need to be higher. What is most disappointing is that our proposal for a property bond has been rejected. Most of the main anti-HS2 action groups are united in believing that this would be the best solution to people's houses losing value, but sadly it will not now happen. 

9th April 2014

A local campaign, headed by Dan Byles MP, to turn a green in Arbury Avenue into a village green has begun. The local Member of Parliament has urged residents to help give the land protected ‘village green’ status for use of the community.



Dan said:

“We were all delighted when the Borough Council finally listened to residents and agreed not to go ahead with the proposed housing on the green at Arbury Avenue & Deronda Close. It's a testament to what people can achieve when we work together. However the Council haven't ruled out further development in the future.


“We would now like to protect the green for the future, but we need residents’ help. In order to apply for the green to have ‘village green’ status we need to prove that the green has been used by residents for recreation and community pastimes on the land for at least 20 years.”

9th April 2014

“This will help to secure jobs in North Warwickshire & Bedworth” says Dan Byles MP



The Government has announced a multi-million pound package of support for two growing local manufacturing companies as part of a wider government initiate to promote the UK manufacturing supply chain. Through the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI), ADV Manufacturing in Bedworth will receive a grant of £1.75m and WH Smith & Sons Tools, based near Water Orton, will receive £90k.

What has Dan been up to?

Dan's local map

This map shows the area of the Midlands that Dan represents for the Conservative Party. As the MP, he's covering the same area in Parliament.

The North Warwickshire and Bedworth constituency is large and varied - a mixture of urban centres, villages and rural landscapes. It is home to a wide variety of industries and professions.

Dan tries to divide his time equally around the constituency, meeting people from all walks of life, discussing their concerns and hopefully resolving their problems.

This map shows where Dan's been near you.

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Dan Byles MP speaks in the House of Commons on the subject of the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, on 18th October 2012.

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